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                  Yuanfa new materials Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as: Yuanfa Co., Ltd., stock code: 870530), as the world's leading manufacturer of new building timber and new hollow plastic building formwork, is committed to bringing high-tech environmental protection products to each construction site to realize the environmental protection engineering construction of plastic instead of wood. The company is located in the national Suqian Economic and Technological Development Zone, covering a total area of about 300 mu, with a construction area of about 90000 square meters in phase I and 110000 square meters in phase II. The company's main products include new building timber, new hollow plastic building formwork, alloy reinforced hollow plastic formwork, flame-retardant hollow plastic building formwork, etc. as an innovative product of Yuanfa, the new building timber conforms to the development concept of "energy conservation and environmental protection, low-carbon economy" vigorously advocated by the state.

                  At present, Yuanfa's products have been widely used in housing construction engineering, water conservancy and hydropower construction engineering, urban pipe network, bridge and tunnel engineering and many other fields.

                  Over the years, Yuanfa Co., Ltd. has made outstanding achievements. The company has been awarded "national model model model enterprise of plastic instead of wood", "China plastic template brand enterprise", and won "national high-tech enterprise", "the most outstanding enterprise with social responsibility" and other honors. We are committed to building the largest green building materials enterprise in the world, with the strongest technological innovation ability, and to building a world-class green factory. Today, we work hard for China's green, tomorrow for the world's green, and make a contribution to human environmental protection!


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